App engine css not updating

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App engine css not updating

However, in this case the blueprint support of Flask-Assets is disabled, that is, referencing static files in different blueprints using a prefix, as described above, is no longer possible.

All paths will be considered relative to the directory and url you specified.

Finally, App Engine provides a Go runtime environment that runs natively compiled Go code.

These runtime environments are built to ensure that your application runs quickly, securely, and without interference from other apps on the system.

Depending on the environment and given options, this may be a single url (likely the case in production mode), or many urls (when we source the original media files in DEBUG mode).

Insofar necessary, this will automatically create or update the files behind these urls.

Google App Engine lets you run web applications on Google's infrastructure.

You control the maximum amounts of resources your app can consume, so it always stays within your budget. All applications can use up to 1 GB of storage and enough CPU and bandwidth to support an efficient app serving around 5 million page views a month, absolutely free.

may be a glob instruction that was resolved to multiple files.

If app.config(“FLASK_ASSETS_USE_S3”) exists and is True then we import the url_for function from flask_s3, otherwise we import url_for from flask directly.

Note that if no app is available, this config object is basically unusable - this is by design; this could also let the user set defaults by writing to a container not related to any app, which would be used as a fallback if a current app does not include a key.

However, at least for now, I specifically made the choice to keep things simple and not allow global across-app defaults.

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