Cams com mobile

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Cams com mobile

The accessibility of LG’s interface means that even neophytes can jump right in and start creating and experimenting with its new hardware.

There’s only so much you can achieve within the tight constraints of a device that’s 7mm thick, and phone companies are looking for alternative means to keep improving.

Here’s an example of the difference LG’s extra camera makes in terms of capturing a wider field of view: The wide-angle shots that it provides would usually require an external accessory, so having that function built right into the G5 is a legitimate convenience.

Somewhat ironic for a phone making its name around external plug-in modules, but it’s still true that LG gives G5 users flexibility that others lack.

To see the quality and value of Huawei’s dual-cam, you have to zoom in real close.

In the above, poorly lit, sinfully yellow scene, the P9 exhibits amazing control over image noise.

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Pay particular attention to the i Phone’s volume buttons on the left — how they stand out from the speaker grille behind them — and the crisp definition of each icon label on the screen.