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So I ended up figuring out who could handle things and who couldn’t.During chemo, I was closest with one person — I guess you could say we were in a relationship, but we were more friends, and we’re still friends to this day."[Being] diagnosed at an early stage, I was given a lot of steroids.So even though I was going through chemo, I gained 24 pounds in three months.And I made a comment about my weight, and he was like, ‘You look great.’ And it was something that simple that was a nice boost.I feel like I have a confidence and a better understanding of myself in relationships. Previously, the only thing I was responsible for was some freelance writing assignments or some events and my dog.Now, I’m teaching six classes a year at American University and doing larger events, and I have a child every day.But I didn’t lose my eyelashes until five months after that. I think it was about trying to wrap my head around the reality of it all that was the hardest."How has this experience changed your relationship to sex and dating now that you’re cancer-free?

That's why I'll be talking to people with a broad range of experiences to see how things are different — and how they're the same. I was diagnosed early-stage, but it was an aggressive strain, so I did need chemotherapy. I actually just had my second-to-last surgery this summer.If that’s what you’re looking for, that’s not me."That’s ridiculous.It’s the most cliché piece of bullshit I’ve ever heard in my life."Right?I was with a very supportive partner at the time — we had a daughter together.And I am in a [different] relationship now, and he was very supportive during reconstruction.

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