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It's when Jolly began writing the songs for her first release, a six-song EP called Falling in Carolina."It was a beautiful fall in North Carolina," Jolly says."When a tragic event happens like that, when you're going through something horrible, that was the gift. All the love that surrounded our family during that time, with all the people who come into your life. I began taking guitar lessons three weeks after she died.He does not believe it is realistic to think he could have a committed relationship when he travels so much.

"I got paid peanuts, but learned a lot."She'd also recorded a few demos, and a mutual friend passed one on to Botti, who needed a female singer for a gig. I just had to get over it and do it."Fortunately, my only song was 'What'll I Do,' the first jazz standard I learned anyway, when I was 13."But Botti wasn't through with Jolly yet.Everybody started singing along, like it was a beer-drinking song."That winter night at Abilene, for 10 people and a bartender with not enough drinks to pour, the audience didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "Why can't I stop, just get over you," she sang, a moment later stretching out another "over you" into a yodel that escalates into a moment of opera soprano wailing over the death of her leading man — holding the note until the glass in the windows trembles.It was fantastic and ridiculous all at once, as is love. Jeanne Jolly wanted to be the next Renée Fleming, the people's soprano from Churchville, one of the Eastman School of Music's most-revered treasures. She came close — "I got wait-listed" — but ultimately it was no cantata.True, Jolly did find another path leading into that world, singing with orchestras, even touring with trumpet coverboy Chris Botti.

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And throughout those final notes, Jolly was acting out her misery, face contorted in tearful, inconsolable angst."People have gotten photographs of me making that awful face," she says, yet another artist whose pain is our entertainment.

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