Command line for updating ubuntu

Posted by / 05-Dec-2017 21:54

Even a novice user can easily upgrade Ubuntu from one version to another in the first attempt.That’s why I always recommended Ubuntu for newbies who wants to try Linux for the first time.The less command will allow you to scroll through your list with the arrow keys, page up/down keys, and space, b, and enter. You can find more software in repositories found online.Take, for instance, Ubuntu Tweak, a program that lets you change some hidden or otherwise difficult-to-change settings for your system. If you add the repository instead of downloading and installing just the package, the system will notify you of updates and automatically keep it up-to-date for you.

Sometimes you’ll also see a list of recommended but optional packages to go along with your selection.Sometimes, you’ll also see a confirmation prompt, though not always.Often, you’ll see a core package with other linked packages, so installing this one will automatically install the dependencies and sometimes its associated packages, too.However, I will have to test it on other older versions to confirm if it really works that way. If you want to upgrade Ubuntu 16.04 LTS to any next available version (LTS or normal), open Software & Updates.Then click the drop down box that says Notify me of a new Ubuntu version under the Updates tab and select “For any new version”. Finally, run “sudo zzupdate” to start the upgrade process.

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