Cost of updating electrical panel

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Cost of updating electrical panel

There are too many things that you could do wrong and they could be potentially dangerous and expensive. I would like to move my electrical panel to a wall just 6 feet away that is perpendicular to the location.

Can someone give me a "ball park" estimate of what this might cost? All homeowners in California, be very careful about pulling your own permits. You are liable for the workers compensation, even for a licensed contractor , when you pull the permits.

This man is great had got several prices from may other electricians and he explained and point things out the other guys didn't and they where 5 time a much and many cases.

I would trust this guy with any work for me and my family.

As a mater of fact he's installing a generator for my daughter this week I had to upgrade from 100 to 200 for a hot tub, plus had a bad breaker that is NO LONGER made, found an electrician that did a very good job for 650 bucks. Did it myself, took two days to upgrade to 200 Amp service from 100 Amp. And if in doubt, an electrician can verify your work. But if you feel uncomfortable doing it yourself - then dont. It pulled the weather head, riser and snapped the meter off just above the panel.

Once box is cold you cant shock yourself- city inspector will point out if you missed something. Electricity was still flowing but when the provided came out that cut my main at the weather head and left it hot until I could get it fixed. The 75' of 200 amp 4/0 was about 0, the meter can with main breaker was about 0, alone.

We had an old electrical panel that was 100 amps recessed in our wall.If a private electrician grounds those wires it could pull down many house, or if they were to drop the wires on someones house or accross the street their could be huge liability issues, and it could cost the homeowner money, and the electrician his license. GRM had everything done before the last guy who I called for an estimate even called me back. Though got a 125 amp panel 10 yrs ago for new furnace and A/C unit, had jury-rigged (not by me but by electrician) and split 2/3 of circuits through the years. it's also recessed in the home, the color patch on the stucco wasn't exact but, he told me that in the beginning. 951-675-0725I recently purchased my home that is about 50 years old with an outdated electrical panel that needs replacement. (my husband went bid crazy) We went with Mc Caa because he was the most professional and most importantly he was VERY helpful in explaining all our options.Now require everything GFI in kitchen with individual circuits for electrical stove and dishwasher. I am looking for a well experienced electrician to replace and upgrade my electrical panel from 60 amps to 200. I would definately appreciate a referral or a search engine to find experienced electricians in my area. I didn't realize we had multiple options because none of the other contractors offered that. He also gave us one flat rate price to do the entire job. I feel like the price was reasonable, but I am not sure. I called 4 electrical contractors to bid a panel upgrade. Was worth 00 since contractor needed to remove some concrete (sidewalk) for city's 200amp line to come into the house and fix some wiring not to up to code in the basement. The Box had to be moved, the power lines had to be re-routed, which meant a feeder panel had to be installed, a grounding protection had to be installed, the circuit breaker box had to be relocated, with an extension, GFCI boxes had to be installed. The job was done in a professional manner with no inspection problems. I would recommend Hi Amp Electric from Tacoma to everyone Upgraded from 100amp to 200amp.

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I was interested in a generator for my home and my house is 22 years old and had a 100 amp panel.

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