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To test his theory, Abelson, 27, organized the first-ever Natural Selection Speed Date: Rich Guys & Hot Girls event, which took place February 7, in New York City. Like, you could stop holding it in and say, 'Okay, finally somebody's come out and said it,'" he says. Men had to make over 0,000 annually if they were under 25 years old; 26- to 29-year-olds had to make 0,000; men 30 and up had to gross half a million.Women, meanwhile, needed to be supermodel-hot, as judged by celebrity matchmaker Janis Spindel.

"Natural selection has been widely regarded as the cause of adaptation within existing species while genetics and geography have been the focus of most current research on the driving force of speciation," says Nosil.

Different "eco-types" of walking-stick insects are found on different plants and exhibit different color patterns that match the features of their host plants.

For example, insects of the cristinae eco-type, which feed on plants with needle-like leaves, have a white line along their green bodies.

Socially appalling yet brutally honest, these systems are something of a pre-screening process for those who aren't afraid of "sugar daddy" or "gold digger" labels.

Stoplight parties For less fiscally focused singles, stoplight parties don't have paycheck requirements.

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Instead, these mixers take the guesswork out of dating.

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  1. The more I sit with this realization, the more I am convinced that a huge element of the challenge came from the fact that dating sites and other social media groups geared toward dating just aren't that “user-friendly” for trans people.