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Read Full Tip for Make her Winmake him jelouswhen ur around other guys, flirt,be pretty be sexy. Read Full Tip for make him jelousmmmmhaha u should tlk about ur recent life no past life past life brings memories ... i waz nervous whn i waz tlkin 2 the girl i loved and cudn't even tlk 2 her ... NEVERWhen your guy asks you to dance dont say yes to qucikly! Read Full Tip for NEVERnever be too curiousif the girl trusts u enough she would come to you for help and guidance on what ... Read Full Tip for they like a man with a persoality This is gonna do good If your wondering about what to talk about, just ask the person your trying to ...Read Full Tip for mmmmmy tipdont always judge people on there looks or you ll never find the perfect ... Most "Women" love when a guy goes up 2 them and ask's nicely there ... Read Full Tip for never be too curiousnever let your guard downdon't always fall quick, take your time to get to know him/her, don't rush into ... Read Full Tip for This is gonna do good this will help! Read Full Tip for truth or dareuse your headin choosing someone just try you follow your heart and use your ...Most of us feel an immediate sense of dread at the thought of broaching the topic of "what are we?" with those we're hooking up with or casually dating.Read Full Tip for For Guys FORGET THE TIP 'TOP FIVE RESPONCES'First of all, it is a response, not a responce..... Read Full Tip for good tip Group Dates If you are too afraid to go out with him or her alone ask some of your friends ... Have fun Me and my boyfriend, well before we were going out we would tease each other, ... Read Full Tip for Holding A Guys Handhow do i start this out....just play it cool try and not be the man of the scene just be cool and ...

"It is possible, however, that you are currently in a mutually beneficial, casual hook-up situation. Spend some time thinking about whether or not the relationship is just fine for you as it is.

Whether it be a long-term or long-distance relationship, sometimes you run out of things to talk about.

These questions assure things will get interesting.(Photo: Courtesy)long-distance relationship that plays out almost entirely by phone, it’s a fact that sometimes you simply run out of things to say.

Read Full Tip for never let your guard down Obssesion When u like someone DO NOT be clingy it doesnt make the other person interested ... Read Full Tip for sport Take it slow Just take her to decent and elgent places and just have slow talks smile laugh ... love is patient, love is kind, love does not envy, love is not proud, love is ... Tips This is for the guys, but I got a tip for the girls. Read Full Tip for Tips TOP FIVE RESPONCESWhen with a woman, always remember: RESPONCE 101 Top five things to say to ... Read Full Tip for Trusttruth or darejust go for it! Read Full Tip for use your headwhat a girl really wants ,)im a girl and all i really think about during my conversation with my bf ig ... Read Full Tip for What Women Like When a boy likes boys!

Read Full Tip for Obssesionpatienceno matter how tired of hearing it you may be, youll just half to hear it again, ... Read Full Tip for Take it slow Talk When theres a girl that you like, and you feel she might like you, talk to her. Read Full Tip for Talktarget conversation Conversation for some guys can be hard weather its lack of confidence or simply ... Read Full Tip for TOP FIVE RESPONCESTrust Another important thing is called trust. Read Full Tip for what a girl really wants ,)What Women Like Tip 1) When you look them in the eyes. You may be madly in love with a boy, who does not love females, don't worry ... when you are not sure if a boy likes you for you............him if he really likes you and why? Read Full Tip for when you are not sure if a boy likes you for you............. Your past Talk about what you guys have done in the past and what you guys want to do in ...

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