Hina dating cheats

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What's more, even if you spend time with them, there is a chance you will not receive the skill or increase skill points.Normally for cases where you will not receive something, you often get the choices "Comfort them? " In Best version, you already have certain skills at the beginning and do not need to obtain them.Furthermore, changing it would help push forwards a concept that the creators want to push forwards, that this is a new scenario and setting.

That one young woman with an exceptional talent decided it would be fun to end the world.(Seen only in the silhouettes at the very end.) In the silhouettes depicting the new cast, she appears to assume the central position, while the other assumed protagonist (robo-Naegi) is off to the side.Also, after two games where the protagonists were the "normal" students in a cast of over-the-top talented students, an obvious robot seems like a bit too much of a departure.This is a pretty wild guess, but what if the plot takes place on a timeline where Junko never fulfilled her plans, possibly, never became the Ultimate Despair.Maybe Kaede is actually the Junko from that timeline, but she never fell in despair, and the game is meant so she would.

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The creators did cite Given that they were from Class 74, it's not outside the realm of possibility that the two had a child before the final killing game.