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Color us jaded in regards to this rumor, as it would be a shocking turn of events to see these two be so public with their alleged affair.Both Rice and Bryant have a somewhat sordid history with various relationship failings and if they wanted to hide something, being together in public seems like a poorly laid out plan.Kobe is out with injury as well and the Lakers are having one of their worst years in franchise history.However, he's optimistic about the possibilities they will have this offseason with a likely top-five pick and cap room to sign free agents.Unless Kobe and Vanessa are officially kaput and just negotiating divorce details while remaining publicly amicable , we’re going to file this one away as bogus.

Bryant said during an appearance on the Grantland Basketball Hour that he has no regrets about how things transpired when Howard was a Laker, which is understandable considering how dissimilar they are.

Howard is now with the Rockets, where he shined in the playoffs last season.

An injury has limited him this year but the team will make the postseason again and is looking like a contender.

Kobe and Howard reportedly never got along as teammates and had a dust-up this season when the Lakers met the Rockets, Howard's new team.

Kobe took offense to Howard throwing his elbows after getting a rebound and called him "soft," among other things.

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But if the rumor mill has any credibility, there’s been plenty of action off the court for Kobe as well.