Ligitimate online dating service

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Ligitimate online dating service

You should remember to only divulge personal information that you are comfortable sharing with the rest of this online community.

On Well’s website, you can see the ‘top cities’ for finding singles in the United States, the ‘top members’ who are using the website currently, references from ‘some members’ who advocate for utilizing the website’s services.

The physical address of the website is located at ‘6, Flat Office #202, Ioanni Stylianou, 2003 Agios Dometios, Nicosia, Cyprus.

If you’re not able to hop on a plane and head over to Cyprus, Well also has two e-mail addresses as contact links listed on their website. In addition, there’s also a phone number that Well gives out to its’ members if there is a cause for concern about the site’s ‘Terms of Use’ or its’ policies.

Unlike other online dating websites, you can also register as a ‘couple’ whether it is a man or a woman together, or a same-sex couple.

Well advertises itself as an ‘adult’ community but is open to members who are seeking more casual encounters like a one-night stand to those other members who are looking for a real relationship.

There are mobile dating applications such as Tinder or Bumble that are perfect for this kind of arrangement or more formal websites such as OKCupid or Plenty of Fish that also appeal to those folks who are looking for a more casual dating experience.

There are actual cases of this fraudulent behavior having been committed by this website in the past and it would be wise to be forewarned about it before you decide to sign-up.

It’s important to be warned about these cases before it’s too late and you get taken advantage of.

You should know what you’re getting into before you register and by reading this section, you’ll have a much better idea of what to expect.

This is especially important to consider given that Well will ask you for your credit card information if you would like to sign-up for a paid membership subscription.

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When you sign-up as a free or paid user of Well, you’ll be able to have access to a number of features including the ability to create a personal profile.

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