Mentally retarded dating

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Mentally retarded dating

I have never thought to date a member of the Special Olympics ever and never would!

But my friends who I volunteer for are really cool. Maybe she was on the lower side of average herself r43.

i care for this man but im worried how others in my family and my circle will react to him."not a Lifetime movie of the week." This would make an excellent Lifetime movie of the week, so I'm surprised it hasn't been done ("I Married a Dummy," starring Janine Turner and someone to play her normal-intellect husband). That would be nobody's business but hers, except that she produced 2 mentally defective girls, both of whom got knocked up in high school & were too religious to get abortions.

I don't know if those babies are "slow" too, but that seems likely. She described herself as being like a Barbie doll with it's legs pulled off; everything else was normal, she just didn't have legs. I remember that her baby was actually carried sideways in her body because of that."I figured it was the fat girl's only chance for a husband & kids, so she grabbed it while she could." Dataloungers are so kind and charitable, aren't they?

There was a slow couple who lived in the house behind mine. It was part of an affordable housing development built in the early 90s in an expensive area. They sold their house at the peak of the market for 0,000 and moved to TX where they bought a house ("with TWO carports!!! All of the disabled people I know are involved with other disabled people.

I think there's a morbidly obese mentally disabled lesbian couple that I see around town pretty often.

I think there had to be something very wrong with her mentally or emotionally.

One was mentally retarded in some manner and attended special classes. They looked quite alike, shared the same disability, etc.And I mean in real life, not a Lifetime movie of the week. He's thinking of marrying a woman he likes with the same condition.When I asked about them having children she said testosterone is so low, they can't reproduce.It seems to work for i actively searched for a conversation such as this to assist with my personal dilemma . But the few women I've seen with this condition were married with children.i care for a man who is mildly retarded and im considering moving in with him and perhaps having children. He completely dominated her and she did everything he told her. I don't have an issue with it--none of us can help how we're born.

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The twins were both so severely impaired that they were taken away at birth, which seems odd, but there was something about them requiring such special care that the parents would be incapable of handling the situation. Then one year on gay pride day they showed up on a bus, wearing matching kilts, leather jackets, and little leather teddy bears pinned to their jackets.

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