Nico mirallegro dating

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Nico mirallegro dating

Warning – this interview contains surprise nudity and an even more surprising use of fake fur…The Debrief: Could you describe Rae’s second series journey?

Sharon Rooney: It’s quite a rollercoaster of a journey for her – she’s in recovery, and recovery is a hard thing.

She’s making some not very good decisions and her behaviour isn’t great, and the way she’s treating people isn’t great.

She’s trying so hard, but it comes out to the people she loves in a way that’s not very nice.

And I loved the day we had the funfair, that was so much fun. SR: There’s a scene in episode six where Rae’s singing, and she imagines the audience naked. I assumed we wouldn’t see them, but the director said: 'OK, we’re going to go into the next part of the scene,' and they all just took off their clothes! SR: I just got on with it, because I was so impressed. I would have gone off set and asked if I could get changed there! Which of the guys do you think you’d be drawn to, in real life?

I got to hang out with the guys, and there was rides and stuff. SR: It’s too hard, because I know them in real life! They’re both not just handsome guys, but lovely guys. You bond really quickly, and trust is really important.

DB: Sometimes it’s quite distressing to watch Rae and her Mum. There’s so much emotion, and it’s hyper real – does it get quite intense?' and the director had to tell me to stop making noises and saying it with my eyes.I had to talk about it on Twitter, because everyone was saying: 'Why didn’t she say something?DB: There are some fairly…intimate scenes with Nico (Mirallegro, who plays Finn).When you’re close in real life, how do you stay professional? Because you do know each other, you know you’re both going to be there for each other and be kind to each other. DB: Have you now renamed your lady parts ‘the baby lion’?

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