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Rowupdating which wasn t handled

It obviously needs tons of work but it's encouraging that someone figured out drag and drop in tables.

Super useful on the block page where we could hide the weight select box for javascript enabled browsers.

Currently the type attribute must always be specified for a resource, as it is not inferred from the file name extension.

Using the Class Path resource loader in Java allows you to specify the Class Loader to be used to locate the resource but this is not possible from XML.

Otherwise you may accidentally drag and drop, or not be able to use any of the form elements inside the row (as it currently is in Safari 3), although that may be fixable.

fajerstarter, if you'd like a reminder to save the form, then that can be done in a more elegant way (drupal_set_message()).

The weight should go, I'm not sure about the regions though.

Here is another mockup which hides the weights and adds a "drag and drop"-icon.

I personally think that the asterisk is helpful, if nothing else as a reminder to save afterwords. I think it should be displayed just in front of the row (to the left), and only when you hover over a row. I agree that, for a generalized solution, only a limited part of the row should be selectable for the drag and drop.It is a Collection because there is one Knowledge Package per package namespace.These Knowledge Packages are serializable and often used as a unit of deployment.It's rough but I want to get feedback and thoughts about AHAH vs. Here's a video sampling the new behavior: I mention some problems in the video, which I'll repeat here: - Do we want the selects for both weight and region? - Should we show all the regions available all the time, then let users drag into them? The drag and drop is attached to rows containing these special elements.When a table row is dropped, the fields inside that row compare themselves to the fields around them.

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If you're heavily rearranging your blocks, it's a bit silly IMO to see the asterisk move around all the time.

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