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Tips on dating chinese men

I have not seen any public displays of nursing but I don’t believe it is frowned upon.

My western friends are shy to nurse in public because Chinese people often want to hover and bear witness.

That being said, I’ve only ever seen a woman breastfeeding once and it was on a public bus.

Rita says: Children in China are treated with such reverence that they can do anything they want almost anywhere.

The friendly pharmacists will help you find what you’re looking for.

History Lesson: In traditional Chinese culture it was commonplace for men to keep concubines.

Most people go directly to the hospitals for everything.

There are hospitals dedicated to female medical care. They often don’t change the sheets and doctors’ clothing is sometimes bloody.

This practice was outlawed when the Communist Party seized control in 1949.

However, with the reintroduction of capitalism many traditional practices began to pop up as well.

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I caution people against using the lotions, however, because they often contain a bleaching agent. China has an array of sanitary pads available but few tampons. Rita says: OB and many brands of sanitary napkins are available.

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