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It gives you a reasonable idea of the connection quality, and lets you decide if you're going to answer the call quickly. You agree to accept the call and you pick up live with that person, there's no stutter to start the call or anything because it already happened when the video feed initiated a few seconds ago.

The connection is already smoothed out because of Knock Knock, and all of the settings and controls disappear so there's nothing on the screen but you and the person you're talking to.

As a highly functional group video service and a fantastic mobile solution for person-to-person video chat, Hangouts is great as long as everyone using the service is fairly technically minded.

My family, which is currently stretched across the world for various reasons, frequently takes an hour to bring everyone together via Hangouts.

If you haven't already, you can pre-register for access to Duo right now.

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Assuming that happens, Duo has the potential to be a huge deal when it comes to showing people that video chat isn't clunky and mechanical anymore.

We've seen small attempts to make this happen in Google Hangouts, and over the last year there have been tremendous improvements.If Duo is able to improve on what Google already has for video chats, it's going to be a big deal.The most important part of Duo for Google's target audience, however, is this one tiny detail in "Knock Knock." Google has made a big deal of how you get a video call and see live video of the person calling through this Knock Knock feature, and that does seem very cool.I take my Pixel C over to my grandparents, start a chat, and invite everyone who can't be there in person.As long as I'm there to handle everything, it goes off without a hitch.

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