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Dating sk 2016

Accordingly, this Regulation should not apply to questions of general legal capacity of the spouses; however, this exclusion should not cover the specific powers and rights of either or both spouses with regard to property, either as between themselves or as regards third parties, as these powers and rights should fall under the scope of this Regulation.This Regulation should not apply to other preliminary questions such as the existence, validity or recognition of a marriage, which continue to be covered by the national law of the Member States, including their rules of private international law.

The effects of the recording of a right in a register should also be excluded from the scope of this Regulation.It should, however, not affect the limited number (‘ However, in order to allow the spouses to enjoy in another Member State the rights which have been created or transferred to them as a result of the matrimonial property regime, this Regulation should provide for the adaptation of an unknown right and the effects attached to it.For the purposes of determining the closest equivalent national right, the authorities or competent persons of the State whose law is applied to the matrimonial property regime may be contacted for further information on the nature and the effects of the right.), common to the Commission and to the Council, was adopted on 30 November 2000.That programme identifies measures relating to the harmonisation of conflict-of-law rules as measures facilitating the mutual recognition of decisions and provides for the drawing-up of an instrument in matters of matrimonial property regimes. In this programme the Council asked the Commission to present a Green Paper on the conflict of laws in matters concerning matrimonial property regimes, including the question of jurisdiction and mutual recognition.

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