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Various versions of the video, ranging from five minutes to half an hour, are now circulating a plethora of porn sites, but Sunderland recalls the actual show lasting more than an hour.And she says the user’s prediction about a public place was right: She earned about 0 that night.Weeks later, she dropped out of college and started doing My Free Cams shows up to five times a week — presenting, by her estimate, about 100 shows by the end of January.She loved the work, but decided once was enough for public shows.And I made way more than I would working any other job.” She started regularly making My Free Cams shows in her Corvallis home, when her roommates weren’t around, including one where she had sex with her boyfriend at the time.(She’s single now.) Each video brought in big bucks.But that might just be a small price to pay on her way to the top of the modeling world.

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“When she turned her phone on, she was relieved a bit because she was thinking things way worse than that,” Sunderland told the Daily News in her first interview since her summons last week.

She said her mom told her, “This is just something you can learn a lesson from and move on.” But for Sunderland, her ticket wasn’t just a lesson — it was the big break she needed Sunderland told the Daily News she’s dreamed of posing for Playboy since she was a girl and wants to become a professional model.

Maybe Kendra had been hurt or killed in an accident.

She charged her phone and learned the real news: Sunderland, a 19-year-old former student at Oregon State University, had been cited by state police after a video of her stripping in the school’s library went viral.

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Around the same time, she was lured to My Free Cams, a site where girls strip and chat with users who pay them in real time She said she did her first show in October and made about $150 for an hour’s work. “Working a minimum wage job, there’s people that are just mean to you when they’re having a crappy day,” she said.